Rodolfo Mutuverria’s resume

Work experience:

2000-present . Character designer and illustration work for:

Arcor SAIC, Caupur  SA, Hexa Bureau Creative, Bagley Argentina SA, Candy SA, Akapol SACIFIA, La Campagnola SACI, Telvision Federal (TELEFE TV channel 11, Buenos Aires, Argentina), Catu Cineamacion, Raul Matan SA, La Usina SRL, Pragma/FCB, Collins Ediciones Medicas SA, Sol Studio, Duendes del Sur, Indiecito SA, Artear SA (TV channel 13 Buenos Aires, Argentina), Telearte SA (TV channel 9, Buenos Aires, Argentina), Marcet y Asociados SA, Bureau Creativo, and Illusion Studios.

. Worked on storyboards, layouts, and animation for the animation features “Paturuzito 2, La Gran Aventura” (2006), “Isidoro, la pelicula” (2007), “Valentina” (2008).

. Animator for the animation feature “Soledad y Larguirucho” (2012) (Garcia Ferre Producciones).

. Currently doing illustration  work for children books.

. Animaton teacher at the GaraycocheaDrawingSchool (2003-present)

1990-1999  . Did pencil work for the following comics: Looney Tunes (DC Comics), Yogi Bear (Archie Comics).

. Animator for TELEFE, Channel 11, Buenos Aires, Argentina. Worked on the “Mi familia es un dibujo” series. Created the main character of the series. Worked as animaton director for the TV channel.

. Directed the animation features:

“Dibu, la pelicula” (1997), and “Dibu 2, la venganza de Nasty” (1998).

. Producted 60 animation shorts for Artear SA, TV channel 13, Buenos Aires, Argentina.

. Did illustrations and animation work for Telearte SA, TV channel 9, Buenos Aires, Argentina, for the TV program “Waku Waku”.

. Did illustration work for children books that included Disney and Warner Bros. characters (Duendes del Sur agency for Phidal Editions, Canada, Random House – USA, Scholastic – USA.

. Did pencil work for Tom & Jerry comics (Burghley Publishing – UK).

1990-1992 Animator for Jaime Diaz Productions.

Did animation work for the following productions:

“Capitol Critters” (Steven Bochco Productions and Hanna-Barbera Productions).

The Christmas specials: “Precious Moments: Timmy’s gift” and “Timmy’s Special Delivery” (Rick Reinert Inc).

Hanna-Barbera’s animation feature “Once upon a forest”.

The “Tale Spin” series (Disney Studios).

Layout artist for the “Goof Troop” series (Disney Studios).

1987-1989  Animator for the following production companies: Berrino, Nanni y Asoc., and Catu Cineanimacion. Worked on TV commercials.

Awards: 1997 Martin Fierro Award (Argentina) for best TV comedy (“Mi familia es un dibujo”).

Education: GaraycocheaDrawingSchool, Buenos Aires, Argentina.

(Cartoon art, animation, & fine art)


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